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Holiday on 15th February 2020 i.e. Saturday (Third Saturday) 13/02/2020 Click to View

Holiday on 15th February 2020 i.e. Saturday (Third Saturday) for Classes - Nursery, LKG, I to XII & all non-participants of pre-primary. Graduation Day on 15th February 2020 i.e. Saturday for Class - UKG.


Let’s experience a fun filled learning with Brilliant 13/02/2020 Click to View

Brilliant desires every student to be enthusiast and activity-based learner, as it plays a very significant role in student’s life. for activities to be conducted. So, to transform leisure into skill and get absorbed in passion, Brilliant Pubic School contrives your chosen activities during the month of March, after the exam. The activities commence from 12th March 2020 – 25th March 2020


NOTICE for Classes (Nur to XI) 12/02/2020 Click to View

We are looking forward for the success of our unique initiative "SHIKSHASTRA" in association with "DHITI" Welfare Foundation under the flagship of "Hub of Learning", So extend your helping hands and drop your non-valuable things to make it valuable.


PTM on 8th February 2020 i.e. Saturday for classes - V to XII. 06/02/2020 Click to View


Notice regarding the Practice Test Papers for GK and Computers 01/02/2020 Click to View


Notice regarding the Final VIT Practical Exam of Class X 01/02/2020 Click to View


PTM on 01st February 2020 i.e. Saturday for classes - Nur. to IV. 30/01/2020 Click to View

Timing : Morning 08:30am. to 11:30am.


NOTICE (for students) 30/01/2020 Click to View

Last working day of the month on 31st January 2020 i.e. Friday. Saturday's Timing to be followed.Note: Pre-Primary dispersal timing will be 11:30 AM


Flower Decoration Competition (Dry/Fresh) (GROUP C, D & E) 30/01/2020 Click to View


"Panchayat Elections" Bus Nos. 02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 11, 15, 18, 22, & 25 will not be plying on 27th & 28th January 2020. 24/01/2020 Click to View